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Superbets Free to Play Whitelabel Platform launches

Superbets – a Free to Play prediction game designed to help bridge the gap between Fantasy Sports and real money betting has launched in the Android Play store!

iGamingUK were on board throughout the 18 month development process to help ensure all MVP goals were achieved, and that the product met expectations with both marketing teams and compliance managers across multiple subject brands.

Superbets is a standalone brand, but also a showcase for what the wider platform is capable of doing. The platform, known as Tournament, can be taken by any operator for the purposes of marketing, acquisition or retention in a very crowded market, helping businesses market their brands in otherwise banned territories. Users are asked to sign up, predict the results of any given Sport or subject and if they get it right, they win a prize.

In a crowded Sports betting market where many are turning to these Free to Play systems, Tournament and it’s parent company, Nocturne Studios have developed a considerably cheaper, white label solution that brands can skin and release within weeks of signing a contract, saving time and tends of thousands of pounds in development costs.

Anyone interested in a Free to Play product on their site is asked to visit for more information about the product.

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