Why an SEO Consultant could help your Online Casino

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is an ever changing and evolving process. Organic traffic that finds your Online Casino or Online Sportsbook is considerably more valuable to you than any that you acquire through Pay Per Click or other Advertising media, purely because it effectively costs nothing!

You can optimise your site by focused on certain keywords or search terms that others may not have too much control over. This means you should look to find specific terms, like ‘Online Blackjack with Insurance’ or ‘Best Online Slots in the UK’ – these terms will be much easier to have your site rank near the top of the search field than the obvious ones, like ‘Online betting’ or ‘Best Casino Bonus’.

How can iGamingUK help with SEO?

The iGamingUK team has quite extensive experience in building an SEO profile for Online Gambling businesses. As an Online Gambling Consultancy, we specialise in a few key areas and one of these areas is organic, natural growth. We work very closely with a team of expert marketeers who have decades of combined experience in the industry to help drive your business forwards.

Examples of work we can perform:

  • SEO profiling
    • Let us find the terms that suit your business and conduct a full review of your operation. We’ll offer advice on how to improve and even attempt to forecast the value of the traffic you could capture, and measure the ROI.
  • Full SEO optimisation
    • Let us control your SEO. You set the budget and we’ll get to work. This involves searching for clean, organic back links, producing unique content and ensuring you’re protected from any Black Hat fraudsters out there.
  • Google Analytics Review
    • For a relatively small fee, we’ll conduct a weekly or monthly review of your Google Analytics and help you understand where you can improve your performance. User Experience on your site is incredibly important and we can find the gaps that could be costing you money.

We also cover all technical and development aspects of an SEO profile, including the development of a microsite to help drive keyword density and we’re also able to write all of your content.

Get in touch today and find out how iGamingUK can help you improve your SEO.


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